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Off Grid Generation

We can supply you with a plug-and-play kit to build your own solar powered off grid system

We have designed a solar power kit that you simply plug together. The kits include all the relevant parts to install a system for lighting and smaller power applications with instructions and support to guide you through the process.

Self Assembly Kits

With the ever rising cost of conventional energy sources, coupled to the falling cost associated with solar PV electric equipment and other forms of sustainable generation, the renewable energy option is an attractive alternative.

At Off Grid Generation we offer a wide range of services to meet your specific requirements and provide you with a clean, sustainable and affordable energy solution.

With over 15 years experienced  of solar PV and other renewable energy technology.

This is the Off Grid Generation........

System Support

We can provide system support for existing systems.

If you have an existing system and not sure who can help, we are happy to assist in keep your system running.

We offer a range of energy storage options from conventional deep cycle batteries to Li-Ion technology and fuel cells

Energy storage is a critical element of your system if appropriately sized it will realise the full potential of the generated energy.

Energy Storage/Self Consumption

System Design and Installation

We provide system design and installation for all off grid applications.

If you need power to your home, an off grid office or simply some lighting and power where

a grid connection is not available. We

can provide a solution.

Design Kits

Off Grid Energy Solutions,

the sustainable way.